Project S.Y.D.

You’ve always had an idea to make a bike? With all the features you’ve really wanted to see, plus some you’ve never seen before? But ‘stuff’ gets in the way. You can always do it tomorrow. Then the Mid-Life Crisis kicks in. You get divorced. Buy a fast car. People you know start dying. And you think maybe now would be the right time to get the job done before it’s too late. Say ‘Hello’ to project S.Y.D. – Screw You Death! The very best titanium hardcore hardtail I can think of with nothing left out.

  • 63 degree head angle for some lovely relaxed downhill handling (and not that bad uphill to be fair)
  • 75 degree seat angle for winching up hills
  • Long, so you run it with a 35mm stem (or 25mm, hello PDent!)
  • Designed around a 150mm fork for a ‘half an enduro bike feel’
  • Micro seat tube to allow 170mm dropper on ‘medium’ size. Why carry around all that heavy seat post and not use it’s strength?
  • Designed to run either 3″ 650b+ or 29er 2.5″ Wide Trail tyres with plenty of clearance
  • PF30 bottom bracket shell so you can run an eccentric bottom bracket: tune the bottom bracket height to match the wheel size
  • 148mm boost hub to fit everything in
  • ‘Dirty polish’ to show the raw welds
  • CNC engraved logos on the headtube and chainstay yoke, sandblasted graphics on the top and downtube
  • Internal cables for the ultimate ‘stealth’ look, wide ports allow them to be wrapped to avoid rattle!
  • Dropped stays for a rounded look to the back end. Small frames just look a bit pointy otherwise
  • Chainstay post mount rear brake for 160mm rotor. Tuck it in lad, you don’t want the calliper all sticking up looking ugly
  • Triple water bottle bosses for flexible placement or monster cage options
  • Top tube boss for a Garmin mount or bento box
  • Replaceable dropouts
  • Details sweated: Forward facing seatpost clamp slot, drain hole in bottom bracket shell, zip tie mounts on the head tube to prevent cable rub

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